Toni Burnett
Ms. United States (reigning)

Be bold. Be brilliant. Be beautiful. Toni Burnett  lives by those three rules. As an image and personal brand consultant, pageant coach, beauty queen, copy editor, motivational speaker, and model, Toni B combines her love of fashion and style with her life's platform: helping people value and love themselves. Known for her confident walk and 100-watt smile, Toni B lives to encourage and support others. Whether Toni is coaching a young woman competing for a title or producing a runway show, her goal remains the same, to rebuild or restore confidence and elevate self-esteem.
Born to two proud Guyanese families, Toni B grew up believing it is never enough to just be beautiful; a woman must be a dynamic blend of intelligence, poise, and great sense of style. Toni B entered the competitive modeling industry at just 15 years old. She was also just 15 years old when she produced her first national organization fashion show and vending event. Since then, Toni B has worked with over 100 companies and brands, including some of the nation's biggest such as Ann Taylor, Sean John, and the NAACP. Toni B has produced over 37 fashion shows. Toni currently gets to use her unique wealth of industry knowledge to help others excel and reach new career heights. She can often be found coaching runway for shows and organizations throughout the United States and Caribbean, as well as, sitting behind the judging tables of local, national, and international pageants. Toni has held many titles such as Campus Next Top Model(NYC), Miss Guyana, Miss Caribbean Metro USA, Ms. Maryland United States, and Ms. United States. Toni B continues to pursue her dreams daily. She knows the only way to her success is if everyone lives to BE BOLD, BE BRILLIANT, and to BE BEAUTIFUL.




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"I only compare myself to two people; the person I was yesterday and the person I will be tomorrow."

-Toni Burnett

Be bold. Be brilliant. Be beautiful.

Toni Burnett

Ms. United States 2017
AGE: 28
HOMETOWN: Washington, DC

My Platform: Level Up In (Children's) Literacy​​


MY PASSION:  Promoting

Poise, Presence, and Purpose